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Do Keys Improve Our Lives?

08/13/2014 Back To Blog

With so many key problems one cannot help but wonder whether keys do improve our lives and solve our problems or whether they create more issues and make our lives more neurotic! If you think about it, all the above is true! We can't live with them, we can't live without them!

There is a paradox here! Nowadays we can surely get on with our lives without keys but on the other hand if they are giving us trouble is because of us. So, another question could be whether we want keys in our lives at all!

Our relationship with our keys

The fact that keys have been around since forever means something. Keys lock things and keep them secure. We mainly think of them in relation with our door locks since our prime andDo Keys Improve Our Lives? ultimate concern is our security. Keys play a great role in our lives even if we don't know it. They have been playing a key role all our lives but since we don't pay much attention to them, we forget that all these years they keep evil out of our door.

Perhaps our forgetfulness to acknowledge their power and meaning to our security creates some of their common problems. When we put the key in the lock only to discover that it won't fit perfectly, it's not its fault that we didn't lubricate the locks or forgot to do key repair! If we take a closer look at these tiny metallic objects perhaps our problems will be eliminated. If we keep them in safe places and don't just leave them here and there, we might save them from distortions or from being lost and stolen. We end up being totally anxious over our lost house keys and definitely locked out because we usually don't care about taking care of them.

Not all problems arise because we are irresponsible. We might take extra good care of our security door locks and keys and still have problems. After all, both locks and keys are affected by temperatures, dirt and the condition of the door. Purses get stolen along with our keys. Urgent key replacement might make us angry but it's nobody's fault actually. Now if you cannot stand keys any longer for your own reasons, there's always the possibility to toss them and move on to electronic locks.

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