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Our locksmith services are experienced with automotive, commercial, and residential locks. See related questions below to learn more.

How do I clean the locks?

While the locks generally don’t need cleaning unless something was spilled on it, you can use a simple rug and just a small amount of water to wipe and clean dirty locks. Make sure to apply some oil afterward with the rug so the mechanism doesn’t wear itself out.

I’m considering rekeying the locks, should I?

Experts over at Locksmith Apache Junctio swear by the use of rekeyed locks, because of its ease of use and adaptability to emergencies. It might cost you a bit more in order to install these special locks but they are well worth the money and are very economical in the long run.

How often do locks need replacement?

Door locksets which are well designed and made of high-quality metal, like brass or steel, can work properly for many decades. However, this doesn’t mean that they will continue to offer the same level of security. As technology advances at a high speed, locks get outdated more quickly. That is why their more frequent replacement is recommended. Currently, homeowners will benefit from changing their exterior door locks every five years.

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